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Friction and Heat,

The Enemies of your Engine

​All internal combustion engines are comprised of many moving parts. Without proper lubrication, these parts can run against each other at high RPMs, creating friction which then leads to heat.

This heat can wear the mechanical parts of an engine and lead to premature wear, bad performance and efficiency.

Also, did you know

that regardless of the brand of motor oil you use, it does not provide full-time protection.

85% of all engine wear occurs each time you start your engine,

because your motor oil is sitting in the pan until the pump starts circulation.

Now This Is Where Lower The Friction Comes In

Lower The Friction Engine Metal Treatment is formulated, to chemically bond a micro-thin lubricant film to all metal surfaces inside an engine. This lubricating barrier will give your engine the ability to perform without using precious energy to overcome friction.

Lower The Friction product users from all across the country are raving about their results.

  • The Automotive Service Council of Pennsylvania, Inc (Performed a torture test with excellent results.)

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (Engine cruise RPM’s lowered 25 to 30 percent.)

  • The US Army (Found virtually no wear or deterioration to all components treated.)


Free Shipping 

Lower The Friction Formulation Chemically Bonds a

Micro-Thin Lubricant Film to all metal surfaces inside an engine.

Since 1975, this unique proven formula has been providing full-time protection and improved performance.

Lower The Friction protects and extends the life of your engine. It is unequaled by modern-day motor oils, synthetic lubricants, oil additives, moly, or PTFE type engine treatments. No build-up could change tolerances or alter oil flow. The use of Lower The Friction Engine Metal Treatment will not void the manufacturer's engine warranty. Use with both conventional and synthetic oils.

Works on all automotive, marine, heavy equipment, off-road, lawn equipment and four-cycle small engines.

The best is, long term, it saves you money and puts that money in your pocket or on the bottom line of your company.

Lower The Friction product users from all across the country are reporting exciting results.

What Lower The Friction user says.

My company's GMC cargo van carries approx.1000 lbs of cargo at any given time and we now have 220,000 miles on it. Runs and feels like new all the time. Thanks Lower The Friction for having a product that does more than what I expected. 

Thanks RMD Houston, TX

What Lower The Friction user says.

I have a 2009 BMW 328xi, it has 150k miles on it. I bought the Engine and Gas Treatment and this stuff Really Works!  I notice the Engine is very Quiet now and when I hit the gas peddle there’s no hesitation at all and I really do get better gas mileage now. I drive 40 min to work every day and I noticed my gas mileage is so much better! This product really works and I highly recommend it, especially if you have an older car like mine.  I love my car and I wanna keep it as long as possible. I take really good care of it and adding Lower the Friction has made a noticeable difference. If your going to purchase the engine treatment get the Gas Treatment also because you’ll notice the difference right away.
Thank you Randy this is a Great Product and I highly recommend it.

Thanx again & have a great day!

If it has an engine 

Lower The Friction makes it better.

Our products have been tested/proven by everyday drivers and documented by The US Army, Detroit Allison, FAA and many acclaimed Labs and Universities from around the world with exciting results.

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