What Lower The Friction user says.

I have increased my mileage on my pick up truck from 17.1 to 20.7 and still driving like a bat out of hail, so this stuff really does work I have now treated the engine about 600 miles ago and noticed almost immediately and increase in mileage. My friend, you've got the right product there.

J. Wiley McAllen Texas

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What Lower The Friction user says.

My company's GMC cargo van carries approx.1000 lbs of cargo at any given time and we now have 214,000 miles on it. Runs and feels like new all the time. Thanks Lower The Friction for having a product that does more than what I expected. 

Thanks RMD Houston, TX

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  • The Automotive Service Council of Pennsylvania, Inc (Performed a torture test with excellent results.)

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (Engine cruise RPM’s lowered 25 to 30 percent.)

  • The US Army (Found virtually no wear or deterioration to all components treated.)

  • The Franklin Institute Research Laboratory (Tried to remove the permanent coating unable to do so.)

  • TÜV, a prestigious Motor Test Lab in Germany (results showed, “… a measurable reduction in the frictional losses.)

  • The Cranfield Institute of Technology in England a 5 Year Test (Engine Protection dramatically extends the life of the metal.)

  • The Southwest Research Institute (Resist and protect from corrosion caused by salt water spray.)

  • Detroit Allison, a division of General Motors Corporation (Is an all organic material.)

  • The US Department of Energy (with a 5% increase in fuel economy, appro. 100 million barrels of fuel would be saved annually. )

  • Nordisk Motor Center, Sweden (Fuel consumption decreased by 11.4%.)

  • The Engineering Research & Application Ltd in England (Increase in fuel economy +11.32)

  • Le Tourneau University (mileage per gallon increased from 16 mpg to 21.8 mpg. (highway driving)

  • The University of Nantes in France (Internal engine friction decreased while horsepower and torque increased.)

  • The Swedish Institute of Agricultural Engineering (Found a decrease in the amount of harmful carbon dust emissions.)

  • An independent service station and a garage in Bethesda, MD (Reported an occasion where they used Gas Treatment Help their customers pass emissions testing.)