Upper Cylinder 

Gas Treatment

For All Automobiles And Light Trucks

Lower The Friction Upper Cylinder Gas Treatment provides maximum protection by thoroughly cleaning the entire fuel delivery system, lubricating all metal components, and upper cylinder. It does not harm the catalytic converters or the O2 sensors. Our gas treatment additive is increasing fuel mileage and reducing wear. Depending on driving habits, the lubricating effect lasts about 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Over All Benefits:

Alleviates Hesitation, Improves Fuel Economy, Reduces Harmful Emissions Removes Rust and Corrosion, Cleans Fuel Delivery System and Injectors Work Like New

Super Concentrated


Directions for Upper Cylinder Gas Treatment:

For gasoline engines only: Add the content of LTF Upper Cylinder Gas Treatment to 10-20 gallons of fuel.