Engine Metal Treatment

Treatment For All Automobiles And Light Trucks


Since 1975, this unique proven formula has been providing full-time protection and improved performance. Lower The Friction Engine Treatment formulation, will chemically bond a micro-thin lubricant film to all metal surfaces inside an engine. It is unequaled by modern-day motor oils, synthetic lubricants, oil additives, moly type engine treatments. 

Hardworking Mechanical Parts

Running Stronger For Longer 

Overall Performance Benefits you can expect:

  • Smoother Idle 

  • Maximizes HorsePower

  • Fuel Mileage

  • Compression 

  • Lower Oil Consumption

  • Lower Temps on Moving Parts

  • Fewer Parts Wear

  • Longer Engine Life

  • Decrease Harmful Emissions

  • Protects from Oil Shear 

  • Slows Oil Additive Breakdown

  • Lowers Acid Content

  • Corrosion Resistance 

  • Alleviates Dry Start-up

  • Awesome Cold Weather Start-up

  • Lower Amp Draw on Starter at Start-up

  • Better Longevity of Normal Wear Parts

  • Extended Bearing Life


Directions for LTF Engine Treatment:

For engines up to 460 cubic inches or 7.5 liters:

At your next oil change, add LTF Engine Treatment to your oil. Drive for at least 1,500 miles before your upcoming oil change. 


A few things to know before you get started:

LTF's Engine Treatment is compatible with all crude and synthetic-based engine oils of all viscosity.

For new and rebuilt engines:

Do not use LTF Engine Treatment until you have reached at least 5,000 miles. 


For maximum protection we recommend: 

When the vehicle for towing purposes, retreat engine every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

Normal driving, (no towing) retreat every 15,000 miles.

We strongly recommend that you keep up the manufacturers' maintenance program.

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