Lower The Friction's

Better MPG Tips

Would you agree that you like to get the best fuel mileage, performance and longevity from the vehicle?

I know I do! Let's lower the recurring cost that takes to run your vehicle.

So let us show you our tips that are tried and tested.

1. First and foremost, add Lower The Friction Engine Treatment to your engine oil.

2. Keep your engine oil changed as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

3. Engine Tune-up: A well-tuned engine performs better. Also the air filter. A good clean air filter allows air to flow better to the engine.

4. Tire pressure: The correct tire pressure is more efficient and lowers rolling resistance, and you get better tire wear.

5. A Clean and Polished Vehicle: Lower Wind resistance over the vehicle better MPG.

6. Take off from a stoplight smooth and steady: Quickstarts take off burns more fuel. 

7. Lighten the load: If you carry what I call stuff of junk in your vehicle. Remove it! It takes extra fuel to move it down the road.

8. Disconnect the Battery: For about 1 minute. By disconnecting the battery for 1 minute you clear out all former engine running conditions. Once you reconnect the battery and drive about 100 miles the computer learns the new parameters and conditions of your engine and driving.

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